International transfers – send money abroad online

Send money abroad in 20+ currencies, perform international transfers with low fees, and manage all your money in one place – the Paysera multi-currency account. 

Everything from instant transfers in euros, to money transfers in USD, GBP, BGN, PLN, and other currencies – can be available to you with a free Paysera account.


What transfers can you perform online via Paysera?


Transfers between Paysera account holders

No matter where another Paysera account holder lives – you can send them money in seconds in any available currency for free or at a very low price.


SEPA transfers

SEPA transfers – standard (non-urgent) euro transfers to other SEPA banks in the European Economic Area (EEA). They are mostly free and can be performed within one working day.
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SEPA Instant transfers

SEPA Instant transfers are mostly free 24/7 transfers in euros, which reach the recipient in seconds. The recipient’s bank should be in the EEA and be a member of the SEPA Instant scheme. The transfer limit is 100,000 EUR.
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Euro transfers outside the EEA

Send euro transfers outside European Economic Area countries to banks that are TARGET2 system members. It may take up to 3 working days and cost from 7 EUR.


International transfers in other currencies

Send money in 20+ currencies to banks in other countries, receive payments from abroad, and convert money in the same account. 
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Cash pickup transfers

Send money to a recipient who can pick it up in cash from one of many dedicated locations. The recipient does not have to have Paysera or any other account to receive moderate amounts, and only the recipient's name and date of birth are enough to complete the transfer. Great prices, fast, and convenient. Currently available for transfers to Ukraine only.
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Send money online via the mobile app or web 

Sending money abroad has never been easier. Now you can transfer EUR, GBP, PLN, RON, and BGN straight from your phone using the Paysera mobile app.
Log in to the app > Transfers > Bank transfer, and fill in the details.

If you are sending other currencies – log in to the Paysera online banking and perform the transfer via the web version. 

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How much does it cost to send money abroad? 

Sending money abroad can cost you as little as zero, for example, if you are sending it to another Paysera user or sending euros to one of the EEA countries. 

Fees for sending money in other currencies can vary depending on the currency, recipient country, and bank. 

When you make an international transfer via Paysera it costs much less than when using a traditional bank. Paysera can offer competitive transfer prices because it has bank accounts in different countries, from which the transfers are being made. So when you make an international transfer, we perform it locally. 

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Convert currency straight in your Paysera account

Before sending or after receiving money you might want to convert it. Using the Paysera app you can exchange currency at great rates! Paysera's online currency calculator compares exchange rates from different banks and offers Paysera customers the best one. 

Moreover, when exchanging up to 500 EUR per month, private clients get the best possible rate, which is almost the same one you can see on Google.

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Frequently asked questions

Money transfers abroad can reach the recipient within seconds if you are performing a SEPA Instant euro transfer for example. But normally an international transfer takes up to one working day (sometimes up to 3) if you are performing it via Paysera.

When making an international transfer via a traditional bank you may need to wait a week or more.

In order to send money (and not pay a fortune in fees) from your bank account in a foreign country to your bank account in your home country, you can use Paysera as an intermediate to save time and money. The transfer you perform will look like this: from your foreign bank account > to your Paysera account, from your Paysera account > to your local bank account. If needed, you will be able to convert the currency once the money is in your Paysera account. 

Step 1 – send money to your Paysera account.
Log in to the Paysera app, in the bottom menu choose Top up, select the country from which you want to send money and the currency. Use the generated instructions to perform a transfer.

Step 2 – send money from your Paysera account to your local bank.
Once the money is in your Paysera account, choose Transfers > Bank Transfer, and fill in the details. If you need to convert the currency before sending – you can also do it in the app: Transfers > Currency Exchange.

Via the app you can make these transfers: 
  • Between your own accounts. 
  • Between Paysera users. 
  • Transfers in euro (SEPA, SEPA Instant – in European Economic Area countries, TARGET2 – in EUR outside the EEA). 
  • To the WebMoney system. 
  • International transfers in EUR, GBP, PLN, RON, and BGN.

Transfers in other currencies can be performed via the web version only. 

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